Dog Plays with Hand-Raised Lion Cub

A pointer/mongrel mix named Lejon has taken an orphaned white lion under his wing

A tiny orphaned cub finally has somebody to look up to.

The rare white lion, separated from its mother because of a belly button infection, has found a father figure in a pointer/mongrel mix named Lejon at a safari park in Stukenbrock, Germany.

“The dog is very patient. Jojo scrambles all over him, jumps on his head, bites his fur,” the cub’s carer, Jeanette Wurms, told the Daily Mail. “But he doesn’t mind – he’s a very patient surrogate.”

After Wurms hand-feeds the three-week-old, the snow white feline gets some much-needed cuddles from the plucky canine. The sweet relationship has put the worried surrogate mother’s mind at ease.

“I am glad that Jojo has found something like a step father and step brother in my playful and loving pointer/mongrel,” said Wurms.

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