Boone the Labrador retriever was given a special spot for his owners' wedding

By Kelli Bender
August 14, 2018 01:56 PM
Good Road Co

Dogs have amazing comedic timing.

If you have a magical, romantic, serious moment you want to capture on camera, you are just inviting canine trouble, especially if this moment is at a wedding.

The most recent unforgettable dog wedding photobomb occurred at Rainbow Ranch Lodge in Big Sky, Montana, on July 28, reports WFLA.

Good Road Co

Angie Blumberg and Jayce Conway married at the scenic locale and made sure their 6-year-old Labrador retriever Boone was a part of the nuptials, sitting the dog up front during the ceremony.

Boone took advantage of this space by stretching out and pulling funny faces.

Photographer Chris Davis of Good Road Co had no trouble snapping a few quick photos of Boone’s antics, since the one-dog show was occurring right in the middle of wedding action.
Good Road Co
Good Road Co

“He’s a really well-trained dog,” Conway told Today, adding that the pooch stayed put during the procession. But ultimately the dog couldn’t resist the grass and happy mood.