20 Talented Dog Painters Are Donating Artwork to Auction to Help Amputee Pets Battling Cancer

The Tripawds Foundation is hosting its annual art auction filled with paintings made by talented dogs

painting dogs
Photo: Courtesy Natasha Baguley/@thelifeofschultz on Instagram

Talented pooches around the world are putting their paws to paintbrushes for a good cause.

The Tripawds Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping amputee pets live full lives, is preparing for its annual painting dogs auction.

This year, 20 pups who love painting will donate artwork to the event, so their masterpieces can be auctioned off for charity. Some of the talented and generous artists taking part in this year's show include PeekaBoo, a blind Coton de Tulear from Canada who recently started painting, German shepherd Schultz, who uses unique brushes to create his works, and many more crafty canines.

In 2021, the Tripawds Foundation raised over $3,000, auctioning off impressive, colorful art made by dogs, with several paintings selling for over $300. This year proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Kaiserin Cancer Care Package program, which delivers monthly care bundles filled with fun and useful items to amputee pets battling cancer. The program was named after and started in memory of a three-legged dog named Kaiserin, who often painted before passing away from cancer.

painting dogs
Courtesy Aleesia Chow/ @pbthebp on Instagram
painting dogs
Courtesy Lisa Kite/ @ivykitetheaussie on Instagram

The artworks included in the auction are original pieces lovingly painted by dogs onto canvases of various sizes. Before arriving on the auction block, each painting is given a unique title like "Once There Was Grass But I Dug A Hole And Made It Better."

The Tripawds Foundation's 2022 Tripawds Charity Painting Dogs Auction will start online on May 27 and run through June 5. To learn more about the nonprofit and get a look at the dog art from last year's auction, visit The Tripawds Foundation's website.

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