May 19, 2015 09:00 PM

Are you a resident of the Los Angeles area with a pool and a deep love for dogs? If so, you could make one senior canine’s summer.

Waylon, the 10-year-old rescue pooch you see above, has arthritis bad enough that he has trouble getting exercise. If he’s in a pool, however, he can move around without pain.

“It’s the cutest thing ever,” writes his owner, Jenny, in a Craigslist ad she posted searching for an L.A.-area pool where he could get that exercise.

“While Waylon and I are apartment-dwellers, I think, surely there is a dog-lover in the Los Angeles area with a pool, who would be willing to let me use it to give Waylon some swim therapy once or maybe twice a week, just for 20-30 minutes at a time,” the listing reads. “We’re both well-behaved and nice, I promise.”

According to the posting, Jenny would be happy to reimburse the pool owner for use of the facility or barter services in exchange for pool access.

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“Making Waylon’s remaining time on the mortal coil as pain-free and fun as possible is most important to me, and if you have a pool you could let us use, I’d be so forever grateful.”

Those interested can reply to the ad here.

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