Slobbering mutt named Chomper receives the title of Ugliest Dog at the 14th annual contest.

A dog named Chomper received the title of Ugliest Dog at the 14th annual contest held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, according to the North County Times. The dog, who has a spotty tongue and drools quite a bit, is available for adoption a the San Diego Animal Rescue, where a volunteer says he’s “a ward and mascot.”

“Chomper came in as a puppy about four years ago,” Nola Chastang with San Diego Animal Rescue, told MSNBC. “The whole litter had distemper. He’s the only survivor. He’s totally healthy, he’s been to the vet, checked out, he’s healthy.”

Hundreds of dogs came out for the contest, hoping to claim the title that was previously held by Victoria, a blind Italian greyhound with no tail. Some of the pooches got in to the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit for the event, which benefits several charities.

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