Kendal Peifer posted these amazing photos of her father clipping the family dog's toe nails and Twitter fell in love

By Saryn Chorney
February 13, 2018 04:36 PM

Clipping your pet’s nails is never an easy feat. But one Minnesota girl posted a photo series of her dad’s genius DIY solution to the problem over the weekend and Twitter went wild.

“My dog hates his nails getting clipped so my dad literally bought a purse & cut holes in it,” Peifer posted, along with the hilarious and amazingly clever photographic proof.

With over 325K likes and more than 83K comments, Peifer’s father is clearly onto something. The family spoke to Buzzfeed about their Boston terrier, a rescue named Oliver, and his newfound claim to fame. The 18-year-old girl explained his nails are difficult to trim because it’s so hard to keep him still during his grooming sessions.

According to Peifer, her dad was inspired by a method he’d seen somewhere in the past. So, he went out and bought an old purse from Goodwill, cut four leg holes into it, and hung it from a piece of workout equipment attached to a door.

“He saw the idea to hang a dog from a doorway to clip nails … so he bought the purse to be cheaper,” the girl told Buzzfeed. “It was his DIY project for the night.”

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Not only were Twitter users impressed by Peifer’s dad’s ingenuity, they were also drawn into his good looks. Peifer says a few of the messages were about how to contact her dad and asking if he’s single.

We’ll definitely keep this smart, hot pop in mind for next year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.