Dog Missing for Two Years Reunited with Family After Owner Spotted Pet on TV News Segment

A Wisconsin family shared a sweet reunion with their long-lost pup Payday after he went missing two years ago

missing dog reunited with owner
Photo: Wisconsin Humane Society/ Facebook

A sweet dog has reunited with his family after nearly two years apart.

A dog named Payday is back with his family after the pup went missing nearly two years ago. Payday's owner, Dwight, recently spotted the missing canine during a local news broadcast about adorable, adoptable pets from the Wisconsin Humane Society and immediately recognized one of the furry friends as his own.

"[Dwight] had woken up early last Wednesday to the sounds of FOX6's morning broadcast, just as our volunteer started describing a little brown dog with the most adorable underbite," the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) wrote in a Facebook post about the feel-good story.

Dwight told the organization that "it only took one glance at the picture for [him] to recognize Payday immediately."

According to the WHS, Payday was originally a companion for Dwight's now 12-year-old daughter, who was "distraught" after losing her best friend.

After calling the local station, the family reunited with the pup that same day at WHS's Milwaukee campus.

The WHS shared footage of the exciting reunion on its Facebook page, where an extremely happy Payday jumped into the arms of Dwight's mom, who picked him up.

"Dwight's mom, Melissa, came to pick up the beloved pup, and — as you can see — it was the most incredible reunion! We are beyond ecstatic for this amazing family to finally be whole again," WHS ended the heartwarming post.

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