Dog Who Lost Half Her Muzzle to Gun Shot Injury Gets Adopted with Help from Kentucky Shelter

After surviving a gunshot injury in 2018, Nona the Jack Russell terrier/retriever mix spent time at the Kentucky Humane Society waiting for the right family

Dog Who Has Half a Muzzle After Being Shot Finally Adopted
Photo: Kentucky Humane Society

A Kentucky dog with a violent past has found a forever home.

On July 20, the Kentucky Humane Society posted to Facebook in search of a new family for Nona, a 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier/retriever mix.

Nona, who weighs 35 pounds, is noticeably missing part of her muzzle, which the shelter said resulted from a gunshot injury.

"Back in 2018, Nona was shot with a gun and the bird shot was spread throughout her small body, leaving her with half of her muzzle missing," the Kentucky Humane Society wrote on social media about the dog. "Despite everything Nona has been through, she remains the happiest dog on the planet! She knows no strangers and greets people with a big tail wag and smile."

The nonprofit organization added on Facebook that Nona had recently been adopted, but was returned soon afterward because she "was not getting along with the other animals in her new home."

Dog Who Has Half a Muzzle After Being Shot Finally Adopted
Kentucky Humane Society

While Nona "did well during her meet and greet" with the first adopters' other dog, the family also owned multiple cats, and Nona "did not want to share her home with the other animals after they arrived home," the Kentucky Humane Society wrote in a follow-up comment on its post.

As a result, the shelter put Nona back up for adoption with the stipulation that it was looking for a family who could take Nona in as an only pet. The Kentucky Humane Society later updated its Facebook post to confirm that Nona had been adopted once more.

Nona, Dog Who Lost Half Her Muzzle to Gun Shot Injury Gets Adopted with Help from Kentucky Shelter
Kentucky Humane Society

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"While she does not require any special medical attention for her old injuries, having only half a muzzle does cause her to snore rather loudly," the Kentucky Humane Society wrote in its post seeking a family for Nona.

The dog also has a cataract in her left eye, but despite not seeing well, Nona "gets around just fine," the Facebook post added.

Megan Burgin, the media manager at the Kentucky Humane Society, who shared Nona's story on the rescue's social media pages, told PEOPLE in an email statement that the organization was "thrilled that she was adopted this weekend to a wonderful and kind gentleman named Brandon who is a local nurse here in Louisville, KY."

"He heard her story and was very moved by everything Nona had been through in her young life," Burgin said in an email. "He asked to meet her and the pair immediately hit it off! Nona adored him and the feeling was mutual so he decided to officially make her a member of his family."

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