Molly the dog returned home on her own, healthy and unharmed

Molly is back from her extended vacation, and her owners have some questions.

Four years ago, Molly the dog disappeared from her home in Rowan County, North Carolina, reports WBTV. After months of searching, her owners, Joel and Carolyn McDonald, with heavy hearts, accepted they would never see their pet again.

So Joel was shocked when a healthy dog, who looked strikingly like Molly, greeted him at his front door on Tuesday. The dog acted like an old friend, resting her head in his lap, but Joel had to be sure. He took the canine to the Animal Care Center of Salisbury to check for the microchip he and his wife had given Molly. Sure enough, after a quick scan, Molly McDonald’s information popped up.

“We didn’t ask him his name or anything. I looked down and I said ‘We got a number!’ I looked it up in the computer and I said what’s your name? And I said that’s your Molly,” shelter employee Terry, who gave Joel the good news, told WBTV.

The revelation led to waterworks all around with both Terry and Joel sharing a happy tear.

While they may never get the explanation for Molly’s four-year gap, her owners are just happy to have her back at home, where they can focus on making up for four years of missed affection and care.