Fusee gave birth to eight healthy pups shortly after her adorable shoot

By Kelli Bender
June 28, 2017 04:26 PM
Credit: meet-clayton.com

Fusee the dog is owed some congratulations.

The adorable pooch just gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

Before the big day, Fusee memorialized the start of her proud mom journey with a maternity shoot by Meet-Clayton.

Credit: meet-clayton.com

In the photos, which feature flower crowns and a sign that reads “Soon 2 Be Mom,” Fusee is joined be her mom/best friend Elsa Veria-Means.

This canine celebration of life took place in Olympia, Washington, and was shot just days before Fusee welcomed her pups into the world.

Credit: meet-clayton.com

Veria-Means shared a few moments from the shoot on her Twitter, where everyone appropriately freaked out.

Credit: meet-clayton.com

The post has been retweeted over 57,000 times by people who just can’t handle how sweet and stylish Fusee is.

Congrats Fusee and Veria-Means, we wish you both many perfect puppy-filled days ahead.

While Fusee is a marvelous mom, it is important to get your pets spayed and neutered. Shelters across the country are overwhelmed with pets who need homes due to overpopulation.