One impatient dog learned to use the horn after he decided he’d spent too much time locked in the car

By Drew Mackie
March 26, 2015 03:00 AM

Someone was not too happy about being locked in the car. Either that or this little pooch just stumbled onto the wonderful noise-making toy that happened to be embedded in the steering wheel.

According to Lost Coast Outpost, the homepage for Humboldt County, California, the employees of their office had been hearing a car horn blast off and on – “mostly on” – for several minutes when one of them decided to investigate.

About a block away, they discovered a dog – “who had been left behind and was so totally not having it,” as the blog put it.

Let that be a fair warning to you: If you lock your dog in the car, even in cool weather conditions, he may still find a way to tell anyone nearby what you did.