The dog has been taken to a local kennel while authorities search for its owner

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 19, 2015 11:20 PM

A photo of a dog reportedly abandoned at a train station in East Sussex, England, is causing a stir on the Internet, because the poor pup appears to be crying.

According to The Telegraph, the canine’s owner was spotted tying the black dog to a railing outside Eastbourne Railway Station and then leaving in a taxi. The unwanted pet was allegedly left with only a small dish of water while it waited for its human to return.

Sadly, the owner never came back. Someone passing by the station saw the dog, contacted the station’s staff for assistance and waited with the pooch until help arrived. Before wardens came to collect the dog, the do-gooder snapped several pictures of the grieving pet and posted them to Facebook. The shots show the dog sitting dejectedly with what appear to be tears rolling down its face.

The pictures are now being shared across the Web, with animal lovers demanding punishment for the owner who left the pet behind.

The dog is currently being kept safe in a local kennel while officials try to find the owner.

This is the second dog to capture the Internet’s heart after being left in a train station in 2015. Earlier this year, Kai the shar-pei mix was left at a Scottish station with a suitcase filled with his belongings. Kai has since found a new forever home.