June 29, 2017 09:46 PM


Who says you need to master an instrument to be part of an acclaimed orchestra? This dog doesn’t know how to play squat — he just showed up.

Of course, the rules are different for dogs.

On June 20, a canine with an ear for classical music decided to saunter into a performance of Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian’ Symphony No. 4 by the Vienna Chamber Orchestra at Turkey’s International İzmir Festival, reports Classical FM.

Fazıl Say

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The dog took the best seat in the house, settling down right beside one of the orchestra’s violinists, a move that elicited laughter and applause from the audience. Somehow, showing praise-worthy personal restraint, the group played on, resisting the temptation to pet the adorable intruder.

We don’t know if the Vienna Chamber Orchestra had a mascot before, but they certainly have one now.


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