WATCH: Dog Interrupts Semi-Final Cricket Match in Ireland to Play Fetch with Players

Dazzle the dog interrupted a semi-final match at a cricket competition in Ireland on Saturday, and the adorable surprise was caught on camera

A cricket match quickly devolved into a game of fetch on Saturday when a dog ran out on the pitch during the Women's All-Ireland T20 Cup cricket semi-final match between Bready and CSNI.

According to UPI, the golden, fluffy canine somehow made it onto the pitch during the televised game and stole the ball. Footage from the adorable interruption shows the leashed dog scoop up the ball and start running. In the clip, individuals try to catch the pooch on their own before several people huddle around the dog, retrieve the ball and escort the furry fielder off the pitch.

The surprise pup player was a hit with the match's announcers and the cricket community. Cricket Ireland tweeted that the dog, named Dazzle, had "great fielding."

Dazzle received the additional honor of being named a Player of the Month by the International Cricket Council thanks to their moves in the Ireland match.

After the ball was removed from Dazzle's mouth, the match's announcers joked the equipment might have to undergo a good cleaning. The match resumed once Dazzle made their way off the pitch and back into the audience.

Bready went on to win the semi-final match, so maybe it's time to add Dazzle to the team as an official good luck mascot.

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