Animal Lover Gets Dog Stuck in Shelter for Two Years Her Own Billboard to Help Pet Find a Home

Pit bull mix Sally Sue has waited over two years for a home, now she has a billboard to help her find her forever family thanks to Scott Poore and Mission Driven Goods.

Billboard in Kansas City features dog that's been in animal shelter for 2 years
Photo: KMBC 9/YouTube

Scott Poore hopes that someone sees his 30-foot billboard as a sign to adopt a shelter pet.

The animal advocate from Kansas City, Missouri, is the man behind Misson Driven Goods, a company that sells pet-themed products to help long-term shelter pets find homes.

A towering billboard is Poore's latest effort to raise awareness for animals that have spent months, and sometimes years, in shelters waiting for homes. Mission Driven opted to rent out billboard space on 1-35 near Mission, Kansas, to reach a new audience, according to KMBC.

Poore told the outlet, "On social media, we tend to promote the same story to the same people. A billboard, especially on I-35, it's going to get thousands of views."

The billboard's current model is Sally Sue, an 11-year-old pit bull mix that's been looking for a forever home for over two years. She is currently available for adoption through Always and Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary.

"All we need is that one right person to go by, make eye contact with the billboard, and we're saving another life," Poore added to the outlet.

The plan is to continue raising money to rent the billboard, so Poore can keep the signage updated with new pets in need. Once Sally Sue is adopted, Poore hopes to put another pet on the billboard for thousands of drivers to see.

"The goal is to find her not just a home, the perfect home. As quickly as we do that, move onto the next shelter pet that deserves to be up there," the animal lover shared, adding that the pets that go on the billboard will always be the animals that have been homeless the longest.

To learn more about Mission Driven's work, visit their website. Those who think Sally Sue might be their ideal dog can apply to adopt her on

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