WATCH: Firefighters Rescue Dog from Dangerous, Icy Pond Plunge

Frankie the 7-month-old Great Pyrenees was dried off and running around 10 minutes after her rescue

Grab an extra blanket, because this is a chilling tale.

According to WEWS, a dog pulled from an icy pond is warming up and calming down after a successful rescue. Ohio’s Norton Fire Division received a call on Thursday from Jillian Olsen about her 7-month-old female Great Pyrenees puppy named Frankie. During a run in the yard, Frankie fell through the ice of a frozen pond and plunged into the frigid waters below, reports WJKW.

“This is always very dangerous, as the pet owners will always attempt to rescue their pet, understandably. They are family!” the fire division posted on Facebook, along with a video of the chilly rescue.

Courtesy Norton Fire Division

Olsen did try to save the dog herself using a kayak, but when that failed, she called the professionals. Rescuers arrived to the pond in minutes, equipped with a “specially designed jumpsuit for cold water ice rescue,” reports WEWS.

Courtesy Norton Fire Division

The suit allowed one brave firefighter, Dwayne Marty, to safely crawl across the ice to reach the dog, who was stuck paddling in the middle of the pond. Once Marty had a hold on the canine, four other firefighters pulled the dog and her savior to dry land.

Courtesy Norton Fire Division

“Ten minutes after being in there she was running around like a puppy again,” Olsen told WJKW.

Thanks to Norton Fire Division’s quick response, no people or pooches were injured during this incident.

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