Tall friends need hugs too!

By Kelli Bender
September 23, 2019 02:38 PM

Height should never exclude you from a good hug.

A dog with a horse best friend recently showed off how he gives his equine buddy suitable squeezes, even though the other animal is quite a bit bigger than the canine.

In the clip above, Orion the Australian shepherd gets on his hind legs so he is able to shower Destiny the horse in little, two-pawed hugs.

Destiny, who is brown and white — just like her canine pal, appears to enjoy the extra attention, leaning into Orion’s cuddles with her eyes closed.

According to ViralHog, the interspecies buddies live in Härryda, Sweden.

Orion has his own Facebook and Instagram pages, which are filled with even more adorable videos.