Man's best friend continues to amaze!

By Kelli Bender
November 14, 2019 03:36 PM

It is still hotly-contested whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not, but we can all agree it’s stunning to watch a pet dog make a sandwich.

Canines all across the Internet are learning surprising new tricks. First, a pooch learned to form phrases, and now, there’s a furry sandwich artist.

The doggy star of the above Viral Hog video has food on the mind — ham, cheese, ketchup and mustard to be more specific — and that’s because this canine is helping their owner make a sandwich. All the dog’s human has to do is call out a popular sandwich ingredient, and the pet fetches that exact item from the fridge and brings it to the table.

The pooch is even polite enough to close the fridge door after they are done gathering all the necessary edible elements.

Man’s best friend continues to amaze!