Professional dog trainer Nicole Ellis shares her tips for helping everyone get along

Your pooch is your ideal soul mate, so what happens when another perfect match steps in?

Some pets might not have an issue with welcoming their owner’s partner into the fold, but others may not like that their human is paying attention to someone new.

Relationships can get tricky when your dog openly dislikes your partner, especially when so many pet owners openly admit that they would chose their furry friend over a significant other.

But new boyfriends and girlfriends who haven’t been accepted by their partner’s pooch shouldn’t fret.‘s professional dog trainer and pet lifestyle expert, Nicole Ellis, understands being in this position can be disheartening, so she has created some tips that should help a possessive pooch warm up to their owner’s new love.

dog dislikes partner
Credit: John M Lund Photography Inc/Getty
  1. Have the partner feed the dog: Food is a great way to working your way onto the nice list.
  2. Let the partner have some playtime with the pooch: Take a moment away from the first pet owner and spend some alone time bonding on walks, hiking, and playing some fetch in the park together.
  3. Work on learning something new together: Have the partner and dog do training together. Get some delicious treats and work on some tricks together. Sessions don’t need to be long, 10-15 mins is perfect! You will quickly see the bond grow.
  4. Sign up for some classes together: There are so many options from barn hunt, to agility, to scent work, and more! Both partner and pooch will enjoy it more than you think and will learn to communicate and work together better than you imagined.
  5. Don’t force it: This will make progress go slower. Have your partner give a few pets and belly rubs and wait to see if your pup initiates asking for more. Don’t force more.