July 08, 2015 05:45 PM

Fudge worked hard and it has finally paid off.

The 6-year-old cocker spaniel donned a graduation robe and walked with his owner Jack Proctor at his graduation on Tuesday.

The pup, who donned a robe specially made by Proctor’s wife, was given the honor because he helped Proctor complete a series of assignments as he studied for a degree in design and digital arts at Scotland’s Edinburgh Napier University.

Fudge starred in Proctor’s introductory video and course work, and featured prominently in his dissertation, which got an A grade, the university said.

“I know it seems eccentric, but Fudge has been part of my journey through [university] since day one, so it just feels like a nice way to mark the journey’s end,” Proctor said. “He was such a fundamental part of my dissertation that I even mentioned him in the acknowledgement section.”


Proctor, 34, and Fudge also starred in a video the student made for last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge. In it, the tech-savvy pooch soaks his owner (see below).

Additionally, the dog was featured in a series of videos for Proctor’s dissertation on how designers can optimize the shareability of their work, the university said.

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“Our Ice Bucket Challenge video was our most successful, with millions of views on Facebook and 250,000 on YouTube, but other videos we had made have had view counts ranging from 30,000 to 300,000, and have appeared on news video sites,” Proctor said. “We are very much a partnership so it just seemed right that Fudge should share my big day with me.”

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