Boo is looking for a patient and loving owner to help her open up

Boo’s upbringing is unlike that of most dogs. The skittish canine was recently found by animal control officer Shirley Zindler living in a hollowed-out tree in Sonoma, California, reports Dogster.

Zindler found Boo, starving and pregnant, hiding in the empty trunk of the tree and carefully removed the dog from her unusual living situation.

Boo was rescued, but sadly, the puppies she gave birth to several days later did not survive. It is uncertain how the dog ended up in the tree, but her rescuers have an idea. Boo was found in an area where many locals abandon unwanted pets.

“Perhaps the people who left her were desperate and unaware of their options,” Zindler wrote on The Bark. “They may have thought she could live at one of the dairy farms in the distance, but it was more likely is that she would starve or be killed by coyotes or hit by a car.”

To ensure Boo never suffers again, Zindler wants to find the perfect forever home for the needy pup. The animal control officer has been documenting Boo’s healing process and her search for the dog’s new family on the Facebook page The Secret Life of Dog Catchers.


After all she has been through, Boo is nervous around new people and shies away from most contact. Zindler, who is currently caring for the dog, knows it will take a very patient owner to get Boo to open up, but she is willing to wait until the perfect match comes along.

The good news is that Boo is still relatively young. Zindler believes the dog is around 1 year old, making it easier for Boo to adjust to the new experience of a loving home.


If you are interested in helping Boo find a family or want to keep updated on her journey, visit The Secret Life of Dog Catchers’ Facebook page.