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A 10-year-old chow mix is finally warming up, after spending an unknown amount of time frozen to the ground in Ecorse, Michigan.

The abandoned black dog was recently spotted shivering in the five degree weather by a good samaritan, who called animal control to report the unattended dog in their neighbor’s yard, reports FOX 2.

Officials from River Rouge Animal Control were sent out to help the canine and found the animal’s face, paws and side all stuck to the freezing ground below.

“It took about a half an hour to get her unfrozen from the ground,” said rescuer Patricia Trevino. “They had to pour warm water on her. Her two legs were frozen. The side of her face and her side, she was literally frozen to the ground.”

After the dog was freed from the frigid conditions, she was rushed to Healthy Paws Veterinary Medical Center for medical attention and given the name Elsa, after the character from the movie Frozen.

Elsa appears to be as tough as her ice queen namesake. The dog arrived at the animal hospital barely able to walk due to swelling, frostbite, arthritis and other injuries, but it only took a few days for the pooch to get back on her paws.

Facebook updates from Healthy Paws say that Elsa is continuing to improve with treatment and that she loves greeting her caretakers with cuddles. The staff also thanked the numerous concerned citizens who have contacted the medical center to provide donations and kind wishes for Elsa.

Healthy Paws hopes the attention Elsa’s case has generated will help other dogs from getting stuck in the same situation.

Elsa was found left in the yard of a house with a leash wrapped around here paws, this prevented the dog from reaching food, water or help. According to The News-Herald, Ecorse Public Safety is seeking felony charges for Elsa’s original owners, who deserted the dog in the harsh conditions.

Healthy Paws has received a flood of calls about adopting Elsa, but the staff is waiting until the dog is fully healed before they start the search for a forever home.

If you would like to help Elsa, the animal hospital is taking donations over the phone at (734)-326-PAWS to cover the dog’s medical expenses.

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