Boo recently moved into a forever home where she is already making progress with her new owner and pet siblings

By Kelli Bender
June 01, 2015 09:45 PM

Boo’s journey from tree trunk to forever home is complete.

The Chihuahua, who captured hearts in April after she was found in a California tree malnourished, abandoned, and pregnant, was adopted last weekend.

Boo was originally rescued by animal control officer Shirley Zindler. The babies Boo was carrying couldn’t be saved, but the mother recovered and moved in with Zindler.

“She stayed with me for about a month, which was how long it took to start getting her to trust people and be handleable,” Zindler told ABC. “Boo still has a long way to go, but she’s a lot more comfortable now. She didn’t want to be touched much at first, but within a few weeks she started getting really cute. She’d wag her tail, give kisses and start doing silly things like rolling around on [her] back.”

During those weeks with Boo, Zindler received adoption requests from animal lovers all over the country. The animal control officer spent hours carefully considering all the applications and meeting potential pet parents, eventually deciding on Kim Stohlman.

“She has a cat or two and another small dog, who’s also very shy, which told me she’s done this before and knows what she’s doing,” Zindler said about her choice.

Boo is already adjusting to her new home, according to Stohlman.

“She slept for an hour by my hip and let me hold my hand on her back and side and then she stretched and rolled and woke with my hand near her tummy and didn’t fret at all,” Stohlman wrote on Facebook Thursday. “Then the other dogs barked and the moment was gone and she shot off the bed and went to join the other dogs!”

Fans of Boo can keep track of this happy chapter of her journey on the Facebook page Life of Boo. Stohlman and Zindler both hope Boo’s inspiring story and courageous attitude encourages others to adopt rescue animals into their homes.