Dog Fashion Shows Exists and This Pup-Loving Designer Makes them a Reality

Anthony Rubio uses his talents to create stunning haute couture looks for dogs of all sizes

Fashion went to the dogs years ago and it has only gotten better since.

One of the masterminds behind the ever-expanding world of dog fashion is designer Anthony Rubio. This man with a vision devotes his time to creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces for the haute couture-loving dogs of the world.

Along with dressing the canine elites for big events, Rubio has his own fashion show each year during New York Fashion Week. The must-see event features human and pooch models, all wearing Rubio’s extravagant creations.

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For the designer, one of his favorite parts of the annual show, is watching the reactions of the crowd as the first dog paws out on the catwalk.

Through his work, Rubio hasn’t only helped pups looks good, he helps dogs feel good too, by using his talents to help raise money and awareness for all the homeless animals in need.

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