Dog Escapes from Yard, Goes to Hospital Where His Owners Work

Buddy is back home after burrowing underneath a fence, the Daily News Online reported

Photo: United Memorial Medical Center

Maybe he knew help was at the hospital.

Buddy, a shepherd mix from New York, went to the local hospital where both of his parents work after escaping from his yard last month.

According to the Daily News Online, who reported the story, the pup burrowed underneath a fence and escaped his enclosed yard early in the afternoon on Jan. 21, and later walked into the United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia, exhausted.

A Facebook post shared by the hospital that day asked for help finding his owner.

“This sweet pup walked in to UMMC ER just like a patient would,” the post said. “No I.d tag but did have a license tag! The police came and picked him up and the pup will be brought to the pound until hopefully claimed. Please share so this pup can go home, he was so scared and tired!”

The pup’s owners were scared too, having gone to the county’s animal shelter looking for the lost pooch. When they returned to the scene of the escape, a police officer brought Buddy home safe.

“I didn’t know he caused such a fuss,” Cindy Hall told the Daily News. “(The police officer) said he walked into the ER over at the hospital.”

Cindy, who works at United Memorial Medical Center, along with her husband, told the newspaper she believes Buddy’s nose led him home.
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“He’s a rascal that digs and escapes under our fenced in yard,” Cindy Hall wrote in a Facebook comment on the hospital’s photo. “He’s very old and very sweet and spoiled believe it or not. We drove around looking for him and went to the pound as well. I was sick and happy when I saw a police car pull in with him. Thank you to everyone who looked after him and shared this. He’s sleeping in his bed now.”

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