"OK. All right. So, it's not the dog days of summer just yet, but it will at least be warmer than you'd expect for this time of year," said the meteorologist

By Saryn Chorney
May 08, 2018 12:41 PM

Despite decades of meteorologic research, the business of predicting the weather is still an imperfect science. As it turns out, humans aren’t the only ones frustrated by inaccurate forecasts. Dogs are now increasingly showing up at their local news stations to protest faulty doppler radars and severe thunderstorm warnings, which are at best inconvenient for long walks and at worst absolutely terrifying to many canines.

Case it point: A dog named Bella recently joined her mom, weekend anchor Amy Coveno, for a day at the WMUR new station in New Hampshire. However, this telegenic pooch was not content to sit (or stay) behind the scenes on the morning of May 5 while meteorologist Josh Judge gave his schpiel on live TV.

“So, the system is pulling away right now, and the sunshine increasing and … there is a dog behind me,” says Judge on-air. “OK. All right. So, it’s not the dog days of summer just yet, but it will at least be warmer than you’d expect for this time of year.”

The good-natured meteorologist took to Facebook shortly thereafter to explain the atypical newscast to viewers.

“Whoops! So funny! So the ‘behind the scenes’ story is that I had no idea Amy had done a ‘take your dog to work day,’ ” wrote Judge, “so seeing her dog suddenly walk behind me this morning REALLY caught me off guard! LOL.”

His colleague who owns the canine also publicly thanked him for remaining relatively unruffled despite the unique circumstances.

“And this is why we don’t allow dogs in the studio … Thank you for rolling with it @joshjudgewmur,” tweeted Coveno.

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As for Bella, we assume she spent the rest of the weekend soaking up the sun outside the station — and basking in her (approximately) 15 seconds of fame.