Courtesy Arizona Humane Society
September 20, 2016 03:06 PM

After more than 300 ticks were quite literally “sucking the life out of him,” Brownie the dog has bounced back from the brink and found a forever home.

According to the Arizona Humane Society, who wrote a post on their website about the dog, Brownie was anemic, depressed and dehydrated when he arrived at the AHS with more than 300 of the blood sucking insects attached to his body.

“He could barely stand up and was on a painful path toward death if AHS veterinarians didn’t act fast,” the post said.

Brownie was admitted to the shelter’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, where a medical team began removing ticks and found another AHS shelter dog — a pit bull terrier that was later adopted — who could serve as a life-saving blood donor.

“Brownie was given a blood transfusion, and after several days of recovery and a new haircut, the 7-year-old poodle mix was transferred into the care of a loving foster hero home, where he spent two weeks building up his strength in preparation for his special adoption day,” the post said.

Courtesy Arizona Humane Society
Courtesy Arizona Humane Society

Brownie received a happy ending, moving to Surprise, Arizona, where he lives with his adoring forever family.

“They couldn’t believe the condition that he was in when he first arrived at our shelter,” spokeswoman Ashliegh Goebel told PEOPLE in an email. “Not being able to see clearly with all the matted fur, Brownie was very scared when he first arrived but after grooming him, a happy, sweet and tail-wagging pooch emerged from all the matted fur. You’d hardly recognize him from before.”

To help more dogs like Brownie, donate to the Arizona Humane Society.

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