Pet owners call this cooling pad for dogs and cats "life-changing," and it's on sale just in time for summer
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The dog days of summer are just around the corner, and we’re here to remind you that your furry friend will likely need a little help staying cool when the temperatures start to rise. While air conditioners and fans are warm weather go-tos, this portable gel pad is another helpful piece to ensure your pet is comfortable on the hottest days, according to Amazon shoppers.

This pressure-activated cooling pet mat is a summertime must-have for dog and cat owners, according to the many pet parents who gave it a five-star review on Amazon. The cooling cushion provides up to three hours of chilly relief thanks to its patented gel design and automatically cools back down with just 20 minutes of non-use — no electricity, water, or refrigeration required. What’s more, the plush pad comes in five sizes, several of which are currently on sale.

Owners love its easy-to-clean, chew-proof material, soft and comfortable design, durability, and impressive cooling power. In fact, shoppers call it “life-changing” for dogs who tend to pant and get overheated in the summer “I cannot say enough great things about this pad,” one reviewer wrote. “Our dog is a 55-pound golden retriever and was so hot at night in our bedroom. This product is life-changing for our dog. He absolutely loves it.”

dog cooling pad
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“My dog always had issues with being overly heated because of her thick, fluffy coat. Even with the air conditioning on, she’d lie there and pant,” another reviewer chimed in. “I bought this mat and put it in her favorite spot. For a few days, she was suspicious of it, but then she started lying on it, and wow, what a difference — she’s comfortable! Occasionally, I’ll see her turn over and sigh with contentment. I think it must be the same feeling I have at night when I flip over to the cool side of the pillow. The mat is only about half an inch thick, but I think it gives some padding for her elderly bones, too.”

While these gel pads aren’t meant to a replace air conditioning, fans, and other summertime staples, the cooling mat will give your pet — especially those with long coats — further relief. “I have four of these pads. They work very well,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s basically as cool as a tile floor — same effect, but lasts longer. We love them.”

dog cooling pad
Credit: Amazon

Thanks to its light weight, it’s easy to throw in your car or travel with, so your pup can enjoy its refreshing feel on summer vacations and road trips. What’s more, cats can use it too.

“We had high hopes for this mat, as our two Siberian cats (very fluffy, long hair) were miserable,” another reviewer wrote. “We laid it out and almost immediately our older cat came to lay on the new object. Once she realized that the pressure of her body activated the cool sensation from the mat, she couldn’t be bothered to move. Now they both love this thing, and we don’t have to worry about long, hot days in the house. Highly recommend.”

And while the comfy mat was originally designed for pets, some sweat-prone shoppers purchased it for themselves. “I must admit that I bought the self-cooling pet mat for myself,” one reviewer wrote. “I place my bare feet on the pet mat, and in no time my whole body cools down. It works wonderfully and saves me money by not having to turn on the air conditioner too often.” Get one for your pet — and one for yourself while you’re at it — and you’ll both be doggone ready for the hot days ahead.