Genius Dog Learns How to Collect Cash So She Can Pay for Her Treats All By Herself

Holly the black Lab has stashes of cash hidden all over the house

Photo: Casi Cook

Holly is a modern woman.

This 5-year-old black Lab has a trick that all other canines should pay attention to: Holly has learned how to pay for her own treats all by herself.

Holly’s love for cold hard cash started early, so her pet parent had to get a little creative.

Casi Cook

“Her obsession with money started when she was just a pup. She would steal money out of our bags and run around the house with it. We didn’t want her to eat the money so we traded money, for cookies,” Casi Cook, Holly’s mom, tells PEOPLE.

Like the smarty-pants pup she is, Holly quickly learned that dollars equal dog treats. To keep her belly full of extra kibble, Holly turned her casual interest in collecting coin into a full-blown obsession.

Casi Cook

“She is now a money fiend and thief. If she steals a dollar from us, and she knows she does, she will hide the money by putting one of her toys in front of it. There are dollars all over the house! In the kitchen, the living room, on the stairs, in the hallway, in my bed. Everywhere you turn there is a dollar there,” Holly’s owner adds.

Casi Cook

Together, between all of these hiding places, Holly has plenty of cash, but she is always on the hunt for more.

“She even knows when we count money, she can hear the money from a mile away. She’s too smart for us,” Cook shares of her dog’s enterprising skill.

Casi Cook

Not only is Holly a great collector, she is a smart spender, too.

“Not only does she give you the money when she wants a treat. If you tell her ‘Go get a dollar!’ or ‘I will give you a cookie for a dollar!’ or ‘Where’s a dollar?’ She will run around the house until she finds one,” Cook explains.

Casi Cook

For the times Holly doesn’t want to wait for a treat, she has a different approach: “When we are at the dinner table, she will quietly walk up to one of us and just gently place a dollar on our laps and look at us with that puppy face.”

With puppy-dog eyes and a stash of cash, there is no stopping Holly.

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