Dog Abandoned in Las Vegas Airport with Desperate Note, Finds New Home After Having 'No Other Option'

Chewy will be leaving his foster home to live with his forever family

Photo: Nathan O'Neal/KSNV

Chewy has gone from having “no other option” to embracing a brand new start.

In July, the tiny Chihuahua was abandoned in a bathroom at Las Vegas’ McCarren International Airport with a note that read:

“Hi! I’m Chewy! My owner was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford me to get on the flight. She didn’t want to leave me with all her heart, but she has no other option. My ex-boyfriend kicked my dog when we were fighting and he has a big knot on his head. He probably needs a vet. I love Chewy sooo much – please love and take care of him.”

Chewy’s heartbreaking background of domestic abuse pulled at the heartstrings of animal lovers the world over, including the staff at Connor & Millie’s Dog Rescue, who took in the little pup.

While the note left with Chewy suggested the dog might be hurt, the rescue was relieved to find that the dog had no permanent injuries.

The rescue waited for the original owner to come forward to claim the dog, but never heard from them. Luckily, there were thousands of people interested in being Chewy’s new pet parents. Before picking out his adopter, Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue placed the pup with foster mom Patricia Montano, so he had a chance to heal, rest and get used to a peaceful life.

“He had a pretty good bump on the side of his head. He also had some really bad pain in his jaw. He yawned and there was just this gut-wrenching scream,” Montano told News3LV about Chewy’s condition when he first came to live with her.

After a few months with Montano, Chewy is ready for a forever home, and Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue has found the perfect one. The 2-lb. dog will soon be going home with a local Las Vegas family, who the rescue has chosen not to identify.

Chewy’s journey to a new home is almost over, but Montano is sure his story will endure.

“I think he really set the stage for people to talk about domestic violence,” she said.

The foster mom believes Chewy’s story has raised awareness about the resources available to domestic abuse victims with pets, like Noah’s Animal House — a local animal boarding facility that cares for the pets of abuse victims until they are able to look after them again.

She also hopes Chewy’s original owner sees the update on their former pup and knows that the little Chihuahua is doing big things.

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