Hewitt resident Mark Stinziano says he owes his neighbor's dog Riley a steak dinner

They say dogs are man’s best friend — but one New Jersey pup went above and beyond this week.

Hewitt, New Jersey resident Mark Stinziano posted a cheer-worthy video to Facebook earlier this week, which revealed his neighbor’s dog, Riley, fending off a giant black bear that was prowling around the side of his house.

“This was tonight in my backyard….” Stinziano wrote, adding, “Riley-1 Bear-0.”

In the clip, which seems to have been taken from a security camera facing Stinziano’s backyard, the bear looks curious, stepping onto a bench and pawing at a bird feeder.

After that, Riley can be seen off to the left side of the video behind some bushes, and then suddenly, he races around the corner to tackle the bear.

The bear doesn’t put up much of a fight and quickly abandons his exploration of Stinziano’s backyard to run off into the trees — but not before the brave Riley gets in a few more tackles. Riley chases the bear offscreen, making sure he doesn’t reenter the yard.

“My neighbors [sic] dog is getting a steak dinner next time I see him,” Stinziano wrote on Facebook along with the video. “He is an awesome pup that comes to check on the kids from time to time.”

“Now he is keeping them safe!” he added.

Fearless Dog Chases Off Bear
Fearless Dog Chases Off Bear

Speaking to local ABC station WPVI, Stinziano said that while the encounter was happening, he and his wife were oblivious to the commotion. He was working in the garage, while his wife was inside watching television.

“And the bear was back here having a snack,” he told the outlet about the incident, which happened on Tuesday.

“It’s incredible,” said Riley’s owner, Alan Tlusty, to the outlet. “He does chase after the bear whenever he sees him in the yard … but not like this.”