Kelli Bender
April 26, 2016 07:36 PM

The first decade of Chico’s life was a lonely one. The pit bull was adopted by a rural North Carolina family almost ten years ago. His owners chained him up in a small, dirt yard filled with trash and lacking any kind of companionship. 

According to The Dodo, the dog’s sad existence caught the attention of neighbor Gricel Guerrero, who tried talking to the family about neglecting Chico. 

“I told them the dog needed vet care and daily walks, but they always said the dog was fine, and that he was mischievous and was too aggressive to other dogs to not be chained,” Guerrero told The Dodo. 

“Every time I saw the dog abandoned out there it would break my heart, but I couldn’t do anything,” she added. “Until one day I said, enough is enough.”

Guerrero started contacting rescues for help removing the dog, but many of them were too far away or unwilling to help. Finally, Diva’s Safe Haven & Thrift agreed to take in Chico. With a new home for the canine in sight, Guerrero approached his current owner’s about relinquishing the dog. After a brief talk, the family agreed to give the pit bull up and the rescue collected him that day. 

Thanks to Guerrero’s persistence, Chico is receiving the medical care he desperately needs. The dog arrived mostly blind and deaf. Doctors also found multiple tumors and arthritis in his back legs. Because of Chico’s age and health problems, he will spend the rest of his days at Diva’s, welcoming new pups and playing with the staff. 

This a change that the dog has welcomed with open paws. Staff at Diva’s adore the new addition and say that even after a decade of neglect, Chico is still a friendly gentleman. 


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