Dog Bridesmaid Interrupts Newlyweds' First Wedding Dance with Pooping Photobomb

Luckily, there were poop bags on hand to quickly clean up Hazel the dog's surprise bathroom break

A wedding is a day that many newlyweds plan to relive forever, hiring professional photographers to capture every magical moment, and a few candid shots too.

According to the New York Post, recently married couple Demi and Luke Bishop will never forget the role their dog Hazel played in their special day thanks to a rather stinky photobomb.

The golden retriever who Demi got before meeting Luke served as a bridesmaid at her owner’s wedding, donning a tutu and tiara for the stunning beachside ceremony at Treasure Island, Florida.

Hazel acted like a bridal party pro until the reception when nature started to call. Instead of finding a more secluded spot to do her business, Hazel sidled up to bride and groom, who were in the middle of their first dance as a married couple, and popped a squat to poop.

Mercury Press/Caters News

Luckily, for the amusement of the all, this unexpected potty break, framed by a beautiful sunset, was captured on camera. In the hilarious shot you can see Hazel going about her business staring into the eyes of her new dog dad as Demi looks at her husband in amused embarrassment.

Could Hazel be marking her territory? Demi said the 3-year-old pooch has a history of being protective over her owner.

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“Hazel has a funny thing with my husband. When he came along she wasn’t used to boys being around and was always giving him the evil eye,” Demi told the NY Post.

The bride said that after the bathroom break, everything was cleaned up with poop bags they had on hand and then Hazel went for a jaunt in the ocean.

“I joined her while still wearing my wedding dress. I’ve never seen her so happy, ” Demi added.

Demi, Luke, Hazel and the rest of the Internet can now relive this hilarious and happy moment whenever they want.

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