April 20, 2016 06:17 PM

After 30 years of love and friendship, Maggie has crossed the rainbow bridge. 

The Kelpie from Woolsthorp Dairy Farm in Australia spent three decades beside her best buddy, owner and farmer Brian McLaren. Maggie, who passed away on Sunday, was believed to be the oldest dog in the world, but McLaren misplaced the dog’s original paperwork. This error means Maggie’s impressive age could never be verified independently, reports News 7

Still, McLaren and many others are certain the friendly, brown pup spent 200 “dog years” bringing smiles to every human she met. 

As she got later into her long life, Maggie started moving a little slower and losing her vision, but McLaren said she stayed healthy through her 30 years, never needing a vet visit. 

It wasn’t until two days before her death that the dog’s owner noticed Maggie’s health taking a dip. On Sunday, McLaren tucked his best friend into her dog bed and said good night. On Monday, he woke to found she had passed. 

“I’m sad, but I’m pleased she went the way she went,” McLaren said. 


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