A shelter pup named Pearl climbed to the top of her kennel after gaining some confidence
Credit: Denver Animal Shelter

Standing out from the pack is tough — but clearly, Pearl is a pup with a plan.

The Denver Animal Shelter posted a photo of the Chihuahua climbing to the top of her kennel this week with the hilarious caption: “When you realize, you may not have thought this whole plan through …”

Despite the attention-getting skills exhibited here, the shelter tells PEOPLE the pooch was actually a bit stressed when she arrived as a lost dog on Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Denver Animal Shelter

In order to help her build confidence, staff promoted enrichment activities like putting treats outside the kennel (per the sign you see on the door), so visitors could offer Pearl treats when she did something good.

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“As you can see from the climbing picture, she was gaining that confidence,” shelter spokeswoman Kerra Jones tells PEOPLE. “She was transferred to a foster with a rescue partner of ours so she can continue to show her true colors to future adopters. Besides the photo, we have never seen her climb before!”

To learn more about plucky Pearl, contact Colorado’s Paws on the Ground rescue.