November 13, 2015 06:55 PM

If every dog has its day, then Oct. 30 definitely belongs to Butchie.

It’s the day the pit bull mix waited 8 years for: his adoption day from the Worcester County Humane Society in Berlin, Maryland.

Dog-lover Kim Shaneybrook of Dagsboro, Delaware, added the pooch to her pack of two after a staffer named September Meagher introduced her to Butchie, who arrived at the shelter at the ripe age of 2.

“I kind of knew that I wanted to adopt an older dog,” Shaneybrook tells PEOPLE, adding that one of her dogs had recently passed away. “So one of the gals that worked there knew [Butchie] well, so she grabbed him out of the pen and he was just a love bug.”

Evidently, the connection was instant — despite scars and barking that had deterred so many potential adopters from adopting the dog in the past. It is believed Butchie was used as a bait dog for dog-fighting.

“He didn’t show very well, he has a lot stranger danger,” says adoption coordinator Jessica Summers, who worked on the adoption. “Anybody that came to see him, he would just bark. He was very off-putting.”

Summers says that staffers there were waiting for the perfect adopter who could look past his fearfulness and see who Butchie really is. “When Kim came in, it was really just a miracle,” Summers says. “She’s the perfect candidate. She’s an amazing dog pack leader.”

Courtesy Kim Shaneybrook

Butchie gets along great with Shaneybrook’s small dogs – Quincy, 7 and Baxter, 5 – so much so that all three of them ate off the same plate at a celebration for Butchie’s adoption on Nov. 11, which was covered by, who first reported the story.

Shaneybrook says she saw a bit of herself in the senior pup. “I’m aging too, I’m 56 years old,” she says. “I didn’t want to go through that puppy stage.”

An adult pup like Butchie, who enjoys cuddling up on furniture in his new home, is just what Shaneybrook’s dog family needed. “He’s so well behaved,” she adds. “And kind and gentle.”


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