'Cute but Stubborn' Dog Adopted After More Than 1,000 Days at California Animal Shelter

Marmaduke arrived at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, in November 2016

Dog adopted after 1,000 days
Photo: Valley Animal Center

After over 1,000 days in a shelter, it was finally this dog’s turn to go to his forever home.

Marmaduke arrived at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, in November 2016, according to a video the shelter made in honor of his adoption earlier this month.

“He came to us without obedience training and was cute but stubborn,” the video said, alongside a slideshow of photos of Marmaduke having fun at the shelter.

After he arrived, Marmaduke underwent training with shelter volunteers and Creature Coach Animal Training “to help his chances of being adopted,” the video explained. The pup also had skin allergies that required a special diet and medicine, according to KFSN.

The shelter was “proud of his progress,” but “time went by and Marmaduke still hadn’t found his perfect match.”

“So the TLC continued by staff and volunteers while he waited for his time,” the video said.


After 1,001 days at the shelter, “a potential adopter came in, looking to find his companion, and Marmaduke caught his eye.”

The adopter made “several repeat visits” to the shelter, and sent emails asking about the pup’s special food and medication requirements.

Then, on Friday, Aug. 2, “the potential adopter came in, and said he was there to make the adoption official.”

In the days since his adoption, Marmaduke and his new owner have been enjoying their time together.

“He gets daily walks, LOTS of love, and already shows his owner how grateful he is for picking him, to join his family,” the shelter said. “Marmaduke and his forever owner are the perfect match.”

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