Dog Abandoned Outside Boston Starbucks Finds New Home

The mixed-breed puppy is adopted by his rescuer

Venti latte, blueberry scone … puppy? One Boston Starbucks customer got a little more than he ordered earlier this month, when he rescued a young dog that was abandoned outside the café.

The Boston man, who asked not to be identified, noticed the shy, young pup had been chained to the store’s outdoor fencing for quite some time on the evening of Aug. 4. When he approached the pooch, he found a note tucked into its collar, reading, “I’m Charlie. Please take me home!”

“He thought it was maybe a joke at first,” MSPCA-Angell spokesman Brian Adams tells “They were in an incredibly busy area of the city, where there are always people out and cars passing by.”

After asking employees and customers if they recognized the dog, or had seen anyone tying it up, the man took the pup home for the night, and the next morning, turned it in to the MSPCA.

Though he was in relatively good health, Charlie – whom staffers determined to be about 3 months old based on his dental exam – had a slight cold. “We felt he probably wasn’t being cared for with the best food either, since his coat was pretty rough and spotty in areas,” Adams says. “But he was in good health otherwise.”

Shy at first, Charlie (perhaps part-pointer, part-Springer spaniel) has come out of his shell since arriving at the MSPCA. “He’s been bubbly, and he’s incredibly energetic,” Adams says. “He jumps all over the place! But he’s a great little guy.”

A great little guy with a home, too: now that Charlie is over his cold, the man who first rescued him is adopting him. “He is a real joy of a dog,” Adams shares.

While Charlie’s story had a happy ending, not all dogs are as lucky. “This is something that is happening all too often lately,” Adams says. “People are abandoning animals on the streets, when they should really be surrendering them properly. Receiving just the tiniest bit of information about the pet’s past and medical history is invaluable to rescue groups.”

Adams is asking anyone with information about Charlie’s original owner to call the MSPCA’s tip line at 1-800-628-5808.

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