Hingham Police
January 31, 2017 11:59 AM

Recognize me?

The saddest Facebook post you’ve seen in a while begins with those two words.

“This dog was found in this cage with blanket, leash, food, dog coat and toys on side of road near 158 Downer Ave. at 11:19am today. Had been there less then an hour. It had no microchip,” reads a post written on Monday by the Hingham Police department in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Other photos shared by the department show the adorable, and seemingly confused, long-haired pooch tucked up in the crate beside a box labeled “stuff.”

The dog, said another post, stayed at the Animal Rescue League of Boston on Monday night.

The sad pup’s story, which was shared over 9,000 times on Facebook, clearly touched, angered and upset many.

“Poor dog,” said one of the over 1,000 comments. “I bet his heart is broken.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Michael DeFina of the Animal Rescue League of Boston said, “Because he is a part of a law enforcement investigation, he will remain in the care of ARL until he is surrendered, or the case is resolved, so he is not currently up for adoption … as of right now, with the case ongoing, we’re in a wait and see period. “

We hope to update with more information about the pup and whether he is up for adoption in the near future.

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