Dog Abandoned in Trash Bag Makes Stunning Recovery: 'She Was Literally Just Skin and Bones'

A Good Samaritan brought Cora the dog to the Veterinary Emergency Group hospital in Tampa, Florida, after finding the canine abandoned in a tied-up trash bag

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Photo: Veterinary Emergency Group; Animal Luvr’s Dream Rescue 

After being treated like garbage, Cora the rescue dog is finally getting the care she deserves.

According to a release from the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), a Good Samaritan recently brought Cora to a VEG animal hospital in Tampa, Florida, after finding the dog abandoned in a tied-up trash bag. The 9-month-old dog arrived at the facility in desperate need of help.

"The 9 month-old pup, weighing only 22 pounds, was completely malnourished and didn't even have the strength to lift her head up," VEG shared in their release about the dog. "Cora was also covered in urine and feces, her gums white from anemia. She was literally just skin and bones."

Luckily, even after noting all these ailments, VEG veterinarian Dr. Lisa Soyka still believed that Cora had a fighting spirit inside her fragile shell. The vet started the dog on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and deworming medication. Cora also started blood transfusions to treat her severe anemia.

Emaciated Dog in Trash Recovering
Veterinary Emergency Group

After several days of dedicated care, Cora's health rapidly improved, and she started to perk up and show off her loving personality. She now weighs 45 pounds and has the energy to move around on her own. Since Cora's health is stable, she is now focused on getting strong enough to find a home.

Emaciated Dog in Trash Recovering
Animal Luvr’s Dream Rescue 

Cora is currently living in a foster home set up by VEG and Animal Luvr's Dream Rescue in Riverview. She is continuing to build strength through water therapy sessions and recover from the neglect she endured.

Emaciated Dog in Trash Recovering
Animal Luvr’s Dream Rescue 

Once Animal Luvr's Dream Rescue believes Cora is ready for a forever home, she will be available for adoption. Until then, Cora is feeling the love from the entire community.

To help cover the costs of Cora's treatments at VEG, Dr. Soyka posted on her social media accounts about Cora's journey and the dog's needs. Local animal lovers were quick to donate to the canine's care, and the remaining expenses were covered by VEG's philanthropic arm, VEG Cares.

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