Dustin Oliver
October 25, 2016 05:21 PM

When Boo was adopted, he and his family made a promise to be loyal to each other for life. Sadly, Boo was the only one who kept up his side of the vow.

When his family moved out of their Detroit home several months ago, they left the dog with their discarded furniture on the curb.

According to The Dodo, that’s where Boo stayed. For a month, the depressed dog waited for his family to come back, accepting food and water from neighbors but refusing to budge.

Finally, Mike Diesel of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue decided Boo had waited long enough. He went to Boo’s vigil for his old family on the side of the road and worked on gaining the pup’s trust. For 11 hours he sat with the dog, feeding him tasty snacks and keeping him company. Diesel left that night, but returned the next morning; this time with McDonald’s breakfast.

Recognizing Diesel as a new friend, Boo allowed the rescuer to place a collar on him. The pair spent the next hour or so on a walk and resting in the sun, getting more comfortable with each other by the minute. Eventually, Boo let Diesel pick him up and take him home in his truck.

A visit to the vet revealed that Boo is heartworm positive, which is now being treated, but he is in good health otherwise. Now all he needs is a foster home, or even better a forever home, where his loyalty and love can be truly appreciated.

To learn more about Boo and Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue’s other charitable work, including feeding the homeless on holidays, visit their Facebook page.

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