November 01, 2016 11:58 AM

Miracle the cat has a cozy new place to live the rest of his nine lives (we’re guessing he has about seven left).

The cat from Istanbul was saved by a doctor when he got caught in a revolving door at a hospital last Sunday, the Daily Sabah reports.

The cat wasn’t breathing when emergency service doctor Halil Akyürek and other doctors came to the rescue, and the scene was captured on security cameras.

“The cat’s neck was totally stuck. It started having trouble breathing and floundering. I put my [hand] on the back of his head and properly removed it from the door,” Akyürek said. “We started applying cardiac massage right away, and other friends from the hospital also came by. As the cat responded, we stopped the cardiac massage and took the cat to the emergency service. Then I called a veterinary friend, who told us to administer a couple of medicines and instructed us on how to apply them.”

Afterward, Akyürek decided to keep the kitty and name it Mucize, the Turkish word for miracle, the Daily Sabah said.

Miracle repaid the doctor for the kind gesture by doing what cats do best: disrupting human sleep. “It now became the part of our lives,” Akyürek said. “Even this morning it came and woke me up.”

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