We have to know how this ends

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 20, 2015 07:35 PM


YouTube Byronious Rempel, which absolutely sounds like a fake name we want to steal, uploaded this video of his barn cat Gypsy Rose Lee “playing” with a mouse in his yard.

Now, we vaaaaaaaguely remember something about cats toying with their prey before they, you know, savagely murder it, but boy isn’t this video cute? Gee, we just hope it ends well.

Oh, we’re nearing the end of the video? And the mouse is almost at the cornfield, where it would likely reach safety, far away from the assorted murder tools nature has afforded Gypsy Rose Lee (claws, teeth, etc)? Hmm, this sure would be a poor time for the video to end.


Byronious, my dude! Byron! By-by! By-RONNNNNNN! Help us out, bro. Provide an update. Do Gypsy Rose Lee and the mouse just get an apartment in Bushwick and start an adorable band together? Or does this end, you know, the way we fully expected it to end?

Send help, please.