The Times Herald reports that DNA samples taken from a Pomeranian that died in August did not match those of a Belgian Malinois named Jeb

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 04, 2016 01:22 PM

A Michigan dog that sat on death row at an animal shelter following the death of a Pomeranian in August has been cleared and sent home thanks to a DNA test. FOX 2 News reports that the Belgian Malinois named Jeb was released to his owner Kenneth Job on Wednesday.

Jeb was implicated in the dog’s killing, FOX 2 said, when he was seen standing over the dead body of Vlad, a neighbor’s dog, on Aug. 24. in St. Clair Township.

According to The Times Herald, who also reported the story, district judge Michael Hulewicz ruled in September that Jeb was dangerous and ordered that he be euthanized. But the next month, Hulewicz issued a 30-day stay to allow the Job family to conduct a DNA test.

A petition was created to help free Jeb from animal control and it received more than 98,000 signatures.

“The emotional stress on us as well as the dog is terrible and I hope and pray no other family has to go through this ordeal,” Penny Job wrote in the petition, which explained how Jeb offered emotional support to Kenneth, an 80-year-old disabled veteran.

The Times Herald said a report issued by the University of Florida’s Maples Center for Forensic Medicine found that DNA samples taken from Vlad did not match those of Jeb, allowing the pup to go home.

“Don’t get me started, because I’ll cry,” Kenneth told the newspaper during their reunion on Wednesday. “He’s awful skinny, but he’s alive. He’s well, we can take care of the rest.”