The 17-year-old actor has a trio of pets full of personality

By Michelle Tauber
Updated July 02, 2010 06:48 PM

Adam Hicks plays a goofball skateboarder on the Disney XD show Zeke and Luther. Off-screen, the pet lover has a confession: He once tried to teach his 2-year-old Chihuahua Freckles to ride his skateboard.

“My friends and I put a piece of food on the board and thought hopefully he would run for the food and then get on the board,” Hicks, 17, tells “I tried for weeks to do that. He was too big. It didn’t really work!”

In addition to Freckles, Hicks has another 2-year-old Chihuahua, Sophie – who probably wouldn’t be caught dead on a board. “She’s the little girl. She’s as big as my hand. But she’s the aggressive one in the family. She’s really loving–she just likes her territory.”

Rounding out the family is Coco, an 8-month-old rescue kitten Hicks gave his mom for Mother’s Day. “Our whole family loves animals,” he says. “My mom’s a big rescue person. There was a time that she’d be driving down the street, and if she saw an animal she brought it to our house.”

Hicks says his pets also share his taste in music: “They love hip-hop and rap, and my dad’s a big oldies fan. We’ll turn the music on and the dogs will just dance. They like the old-school.”

Even with this full (and lively!) furry brood, the actor hopes to add to his menagerie before too long. “I want a little pug for my 18th birthday [on Nov. 28].” Take note, Mom and Dad!