Disney + Proves That a School Full of Puppies Is Just as Cute as It Sounds

The new docu-series follows six puppies as the make their way through Guide Dogs for the Blind's guide dog training program

Can’t get enough puppies? Good! Neither can Disney +.

The streaming service is premiering a new show all about the baby animals, called Pick of the Litter, on Dec. 20.

Pick of the Litter is a docu-series based on a 2018 documentary film of the same name. The film followed five puppies as they worked to become guide dogs through Guide Dogs for the Blind‘s training program.

In the Pick of the Litter series on Disney +, viewers follow six (!!!) puppies — Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Amara, and Tartan — as they go through the same process as their predecessors at Guide Dogs for the Blind. The show will go in depth into the fascinating, furry and adorable journey each of these pups paws through in hopes of graduating as a certified guide dog.

This process includes socialization, puppy training school, months living with a puppy raiser (or family of puppy raisers) to learn basic obedience, and even more training, but it’s all adorable because — puppies!

In this exclusive sneak peek at the new show, we see what puppy school looks like for a guide-dog-in-training, and how cute education can be.

To get even more sweet, scholarly pups, watch Pick of the Litter on Dec. 20 on Disney+. New episodes will air week-to-week every Friday with a total of six episodes.

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