New Disney + Show Explores the 'Romances, Bromances, and Tears' Between Sanctuary Chimpanzees

Meet the Chimps takes viewers to the center of the social dynamics between the 300+ chimpanzees living at Chimp Haven

Disney+ and National Geographic are partnering up on a wild new venture.

Meet the Chimps, a new series coming to Disney+ on Oct. 16, explores the "food squabbles, alliances, romances, bromances, tears, tantrums, high jinxes, and heartbreaks," according to Disney, that happens between chimpanzees — and some of it my look similar to the interactions humans experience every day.

The six-part series follows the residents of Chimp Haven, a 200-acre refuge tucked deep in the forested heart of Louisiana, and documents their ups and downs as a group. Chimp Haven, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, is home to over 300 rescue chimps, so there is plenty of drama to go around.

"Meet the Chimps brings the fascinating world of chimpanzees right into viewers’ homes and lets you join the most entertaining family gathering," Jane Lynch, who narrates Meet the Chimps, said in a statement to PEOPLE. "I’m honored to narrate this joyful journey as we explore chimps’ complex relationships and their capability for love, grief, curiosity, and unbridled happiness.”

The show also gives viewers a look at the amazing humans who help give these sanctuary chimps a second chance at a happy life. You can see it all by tuning into Disney+ on Oct.16. Until then, you can get a sneak peek at the show above.

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