Hyenas Scooter and Zawadi also enjoy liver smoothies and goat's milk mixed with peanut butter at Disney's Animal Kingdom


Scooter and Zawadi, a hyena pair living at Disney's Animal Kingdom, aren't the park's best-smelling duo or its most graceful, but the two are still treated like princesses.

"They're actually very sweet, and incredibly intelligent and not as bad as they have been made out to be," the hyenas caretaker, Nicole, says in the exclusive sneak peek above of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom's upcoming episode.

The new Disney+ show, narrated by Josh Gad, goes behind the scenes of Disney's Animal Kingdom to get viewers up close to the thousands of animals that call the park home. Scooter and Zawadi are two of the stars of the Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom's newest episode, premiering Friday, Oct. 16.

Hyena Back Scratch
Credit: disney+

In the clip, along with complimenting the hyenas, Nicole also shows how the animals are pampered. Keepers at Animal Kingdom regularly give Scooter and Zawadi scented bubbles baths and back rubs with back scratchers. The hyenas are also treated to meals that fit their peculiar palette, including liver smoothies and goat's milk mixed with peanut butter. This royal treatment is a way of providing the animals with enrichment.

Friday's new episode of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom also stars Linus, a hunky new mandrill, who is introduced to the park's all-female mandrill squad as a way stop the group's in-fighting, and Sohni, an eight-year-old Sumatran tiger, undergoing a voluntary blood test. Animal lovers can tune in to all the new Animal Kingdom action Friday on Disney+.