Disabled Chicken Who Survived Weasel Attack Learning to Walk Thanks to Custom Wheelchair

Before Granite Heart got her new custom wheelchair from Walkin' Pets, she had to fly or hop everywhere

Photo: Walkin' Pets by HandicappedPets.com

Granite Heart certainly has a rock-solid will to live.

The Bantam chicken, who only weighs 1.5 lbs., was born with a tendon disease in one of her legs. Up until recently, the 2-year-old bird had never walked on her own, instead she made it from place to place by hopping on her good leg or by flying short distances.

This perseverance saved her life last year when she and one of her siblings were attacked by weasels. Sadly, Granite heart’s sibling died, but the disabled chicken was able to fight back and save herself.

Walkin' Pets by HandicappedPets.com

Granite Heart was moved inside after the attack and has quickly adapted to indoor life. The affection bird adores cuddling with her human family and enjoys snacking on fruits and veggies, especially oranges.

After all the brave bird went through, Granite Heart’s family is dedicated to giving the bird the happiest and fullest life possible. This is where Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com steps in. Walkin’ Pets specializes in makes mobility devices for disabled and injured animals. Once the company heard Granite Heart’s story, they knew they had to help.


Walkin Pets, with assistance from Granite Heart and her owner Sarah Wood, created their first Walkin’ Wheels Chicken Wheelchair for the bird. The custom device is designed to comfortably fit Granite Heart.

With her wheelchair, Granite Heart is able to stand on her own for the first time and has started to learn how to walk on her own as well.

Walkin’ Pets plans to keep working with the chicken to help develop her mobility and perfect her wheelchair, so she and future chickens can take on the world with ease.

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