Earlier this year, Waterford Township police told the dog's owner that Diggy violated an ordinance barring pit bulls and pit bull mixes

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 14, 2016 01:57 PM
Courtesy Detroit Dog Rescue

Diggy the dog is officially home!

The smiling-pooch, who celebrated his adoption in an adorable photo with his owner Dan Tillery and then faced a pit bull ban in Waterford Township, is allowed to stay with his Michigan owner.

According to a Facebook post by the Detroit Dog Rescue, the dog’s case was dismissed on Tuesday.

“Diggy will share many more happy days with his family in Waterford, MI,” said the post. “We can’t thank Dan, Megan, their legal team, as well as city officials, and all of Diggy’s supporters [enough], for helping to make this happen.”

After their cute adoption pic went viral, Waterford Township Police informed Tillery that Diggy violated an ordinance barring pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

The ordinance, which is available online, says: “the Township concludes that pit bull terriers within this community constitute an unacceptable risk of harm and fear to the residents hereof, and must therefore be closely regulated as provided herein.”

When the Detroit Animal Care and Rescue picked up the dog as a stray, he was classified as an American bulldog. Tillery registered Diggy as an American bulldog with the township, based on an assessment from a Detroit Dog Rescue veterinarian. Police got involved when a photo identified Diggy as a pit bull/bulldog mix.

“We just want to enforce the ordinance,” Waterford Township police told a local news station at the time.

The pup’s supporters couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.

“I’m overjoyed to know that Diggy will be spending the rest of his life where he belongs — with his family,” Detroit Dog Rescue director, Kristina Rinaldi, said on Facebook. “I can’t thank Dan and Megan enough for loving him as much as we do at DDR. I think the whole world loves Diggy!”